SNMP SDK 2.0: SNMP Development Kit for Windows developers. Supports SNMP queries and traps SNMP Development Kit for Windows developers. This ActiveX (COM/OLE) component supports SNMP GET, GETNEXT, SET and SNMP Traps. Samples included for Visual Basic, Visual C, Visual C++, Visual Basic .NET, Visual CSharp .NET, ASP, ASP .NET, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML and more.

Visual Web Ripper 2.83.6: Extract data from the web and save to database, XML, CSV or XLS.
Visual Web Ripper 2.83.6

Visual Web Ripper is a powerful visual tool used for automated web scraping, web harvesting and content extraction from the web. Visual Web Ripper can automatically walk through whole web sites and collect complete content structures such as product catalogues or search results, and save the content in many different formats, including databases, spreadsheets and XML. Visual Web Ripper can collect content on a scheduled basis, so your collected content

web collector, data extraction, web content, collecting content, web harvester, content download, web ripper, web scraping, web harvesting

Visual XSD 2.0: Visual XSD is a Microsoft xsd.exe addon that a offers visual interf. to xsd.exe
Visual XSD 2.0

Visual XSD program is simply to fill this gap, and give developers easier and faster access to the xsd.exe program. Visual XSD offers A user-friendly interface to the xsd.exe utility. It exposes all the functionality from the xsd.exe program, in fact Visual XSD only serves as a front and is using xsd.exe to actually execute the generation. Visual XSD can easy be integrated in Visual Studio, this gives the user the possibility to stay in a familiar

net sdk, xsd exe, xml schema

Flash Clip Construction 1.0: A tool for digital image enhancement. The library of visual effects included.
Flash Clip Construction 1.0

visual effects of the Flash Clip Construction. If you are a webmaster or just have your own website, Flash Clip Construction will help you to improve the web-site with stunning visual effects. Confetti, snow, paper airplanes, rainbow, and fireworks – the Flash Clip Construction visual library contains all those effects. The Flash Clip Construction has a user friendly interface. Just choose the picture or image on your computer and select a visual

constuctor, design, clip, tool, mail, birthday, utility, flash, create, visual, effect, letter, message

Audio Visualizer 1: Ultra quick audio visual file explorer, quicker than QuickViewPlus
Audio Visualizer 1

Visualizer: Ultra Quick Audio Visual File Explorer An ultra quick (very much quicker than Quick View Plus) Audio Visual File Explorer. Very quickly and with a single mouse click explores hundreds of (audio) sound, image and textual files. Very useful when the user needs to very quickly get to know the contents of many files (text, sound, images, video) in a very short time. With Audio Visualizer you do not have to wait to go from one file to the

visual, audio, explorer, video, sounds, files

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Visual Basic Controls (Source Code) 3.0

Visual Basic Source Code that demonstrates how to make VB Controls by using a Picturebox and pure VB Code. Free Visual Basic source code control example for creating a Command button. All of the Source Code is compatible with VB3 - VB6. The source code draws the control directly on a Picturebox and can be compiled into any VB program. Visual Basic Source Code

free source code, visual basic source code, vb source code

ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit 2.1: Call a VBScript function directly from your application without invoking WSH
ActiveXperts Scripting Toolkit 2.1

ActiveX component to call VBScript functions directly from your source code without invoking WSH, CSCRIPT or WSCRIPT. Use the function result directly. Set function timeout and catch exception errors. The component is thread-safe, so you can use it in any multi-threading environment. Samples included for Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, Visual C# .NET, ASP, ASP .NET and more.

scripting, script, windows scripting host, moniker, vbscript, samples, toolkit, tool, getobject, adsi, sample, visual basic

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